Want to talk? Let’s voice chat!

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Quick update – a repost of a Facebook status:

For one reason or another, I have not been as active on Facebook as I used to be as far as posting on others’ comments, looking at others’ pages, and entering into long discussion is concerned. I mostly use Facebook chat, post my own content, post content which is worth promoting – a great departure from the extremely long discussions on my page and others’ which used to be common.

Instead of having long discussions on Facebook with people whom I consider supporters (or even those who are not supporters, ‘adversaries,’ ambivalent, or something in between), I have ‘matured’ to taking discussion to Skype or mobile for a better more in-depth discussion (which also happens to save a great deal of typing!).

If you happen to want to reach out to me for whatever reason, please add me on Skype under the handle of justinvacula. Send a private message to set up a time to talk and let’s do it! Nothing is off the table. Just know that many people already contact me regularly and I might not be able to get with you immediately. I really have enjoyed talking to people, especially in the last few weeks, and have gained so much more from voice chat that I would have otherwise from typing.


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