Brave Hero Radio – Who are Justin Vacula and Karla Porter?

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Earlier today, Karla Porter — my co-host on Brave Hero Radio — suggested that she interview me on a special episode of Brave Hero Radio, perhaps diverting away from the focus of most episodes, to talk beyond ideas presented online in order for viewers to learn more about me.

In online spaces, I generally do not talk much about my personal life, background, and interests apart from pursuits related to atheism, skepticism, and secularism – so this should be a great time for some self-disclosure! Karla, too, will be interviewed in a future episode so that fans of the show can learn about both hosts.

Tune in live at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on May 4, 2013 and May 11, 2013!

Join the live chatroom on the bottom of the BlogTalkRadio page during and shortly before the live shows. As always, callers, no matter their viewpoints, are welcome to join the discussion. Call the number on your screen, 718-766-4598, or click the Skype-to-call button which appears during the live show to add your voice to the conversation.

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Brave Hero Radio – Who is Justin Vacula? – May 4, 2013

Brave Hero Radio – Who is Karla Porter? – May 11, 2013

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