Brave Hero Radio – World of Warcraft with guild Resurrected

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Joining Justin Vacula and Karla Porter for a special Sunday episode of Brave Hero Radio will be members and officers of the World of Warcraft guild <Resurrected> — a late-night semi-hardcore raiding guild which was ranked #169 in the US in the last tier of content — on the US-Sargeras server. <Resurrected> is currently steadily progressing on new content in the Throne of Thunder. Justin is a core raider in the guild playing his shaman Lyvv.

How does religion or atheism manifest itself, if at all, in the World of Warcraft? Do players bring their religious beliefs or lackthereof to a massively multiplayer online game? How does gender play a role, if at all, in semi-hardcore online gaming? What draws people (and keeps them playing) World of Warcraft? These topics and more will be explored on this show.

More information about <Resurrected> can be found on their guild website. Skilled and experienced players are always welcome to apply…and callers — no matter their viewpoints — are always welcome to call in the show! If you miss the live show, be sure to listen to the archived version.

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