FFRF banner vandalism update

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Yesterday, the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “let reason prevail” freethought holiday banner — which was placed on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre following city approval — was tampered with.

A vandal — Joe McDonald — climbed the structure on which the banner was placed, sliced ropes holding the banner, and spoke with local news reporters confessing to his criminal activity after his vandalism was captured by news cameras. Watch the video/news report here.

Last night, I filed a police report with Wilkes-Barre police officers. Hopefully McDonald’s actions are soon addressed.

Today, and after high winds and heavy rain which accosted Northeastern Pennsylvania, the banner remains standing although — as can be seen — it is draped over the structure. In addition, the American flag that was placed by the vandal [likely in violation of US flag code] is now missing.

This must be a Christmas miracle or some clever work of Satan. There’s no other explanation.

I have contacted City Hall requesting that the banner be fixed and placed in its original position with new ropes. City workers should fix the banner later today.

View more photos of the vandalized banner here and be sure to read other posts concerning the FFRF banner.

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