A-News Podcast – Criticism of Atheism Plus

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I was invited to appear as a guest on episode eight of the comedy/news/entertainment show ‘A-News’ alongside Brian Allen, Lee Moore, and Reap Paden to discuss the new movement known as Atheism Plus. The A-News Podcast is part of the Apartment J Entertainment network which also includes the comedy shows ‘Apartment J’ and ‘Digging Up The Dead.’

Within this comedy podcast, I — along with the Brian, Lee, and Reap — voice various concerns and criticisms concerning Atheism Plus and recent comments made by various bloggers who have voiced support for Atheism Plus.

As is the nature of a comedy/news show, this was a much different show compared to the podcast which I host. While the show contained thoughtful analysis and serious criticism, there were times in which the hosts exaggerated for effect and made some off-color comments.

Stream or download the episode here.

A-News is a comedy/news broadcast released by Apartment J Entertainment. We try to cover the facts and not the myths from an atheistic perspective.

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