Times Leader Mailbag 1/6/10

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I am writing to lament the responses Justin Vacula has been receiving from my fellow community members in the Wyoming Valley and surrounding areas.

I was raised in the Valley. I pride myself on the values that I learned from my family and community. Where are those values now?

I understand that people cherish their traditions; I understand that people will (and should) voice their personal opinions. But when we as a community ostracize one of our own and substitute reasonable and appropriate discourse with threats and degradation, we must reflect upon our actions.

Political and religious points of view aside, the way Justin Vacula has been treated by some people is shameful and inappropriate.

Due to recent court scandals, individuals from across the country are watching us. Will the community step up and respectfully agree/disagree with one of its own, demonstrating its willingness to debate controversial issues rationally?

Or will the hate mail and threats continue to dissolve the moral fiber of our community, establishing that zealotry trumps legitimate discourse?

I hope my community will choose reason over zeal, setting a nationwide example that we are good people with a solid ideology.

Brian Zaboski II Sugar Notch


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