Atheism has no future, a local church says

The First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre’s minister Rev. Zanicky put a sign outside of his church that says, “Atheism has no future.”

Unfortunately, the sermon has been taken offline, but here are some excerpts from this sermon:

“Radical secularists are championing the popular bestseller atheist books today highlighting the evils of religion…”

“God is dead encompasses all of their reality.”

“It’s only the here and now, let’s make the most of it…but my friends, in my opinion, most people don’t get it. the real maginude of what is being said is today’s atheism. There is no future in atheism; there is no purpose, there is no meaning, there is no morality, there is no truth apart from the present construal as defined by the particular power group. .. this way of seeing the world, living in the world, this does not have a necessary drive to push into the future.”

“…no higher meaning, no higher purpose, no higher direction…there is great similarity with today’s atheists and paganism…basically all meaningless…Pagan mythos has been replaced by Christianity…the one true story of the world…atheism has no future..there is no constraining vision for the little atheist followers…there are no master stories…no absolute morals…there are no transcendant values.

My concern here is not individual atheists, it is the radical secularists…make no mistake about it, there is a definite disjunction between atheism and theism…”

“the new atheism is doing everything it can to convince us that the universe is pointless and in end our lives are destined for nothingness as well…not the most favorable setting for the flourishing for our capacity for goodness.”

“It will make a profound difference if our society believes…the christian alternative has blessed our world greatly…we believe in a created, meaningful, purposeful world.”

Can an atheist be a good citizen? The formative ideas of our nation were taken from the judeo-christian conception of human nature…george washington says religion is needed…

In such a nation as America, an atheist can be a citizen, but he can not be a good citizen.”

“what values, what morals, what meaning, what purpose? what authority higher than ourselves that transcends…atheism has no future.”

Atheism offers nothing…its magitude, its emptiness, its abyss, its dread…there are those pushing today for a faithless generation, its there, we can’t help it, why? because we are all children of God…we whimper up to Jesus!

Justin Vacula

Justin Vacula hosts the Stoic Philosophy Podcast; serves as co-organizer and spokesperson for the Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) Freethought Society; and has hosted monthly Stoic Philosophy discussion groups for the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia. He has appeared on and hosted various radio shows and podcasts; participated in formal debates and discussions; was a guest speaker for college-level courses; was featured in local, national, and international news; and has been invited to speak at various national, local, and statewide events. Vacula received bachelor's degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, a minor in Professional Writing, and the distinguished W.A. Kilburn Memorial Award for Philosophy from King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He is currently living in the Scranton, PA area attending Marywood University's graduate-level Mental Health Counseling program and has worked with the Arc of Luzerne County's Transition to Community Employment program as a teacher's assistant and job coach alongside adult learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He also plays poker; volunteers as a member of the website and media team for the Greyhawk Reborn Dungeons & Dragons campaign while playing at events in the Eastern United States; and enjoys metal music.

  • I have noticed you haven’t answered my comments. I don’t expect you to reply immediately. I just want to remind you so you don’t forget about them. I’d just like you to answer my questions. Also I saw you mentioned the Big Bang. Can you tell me what was there before the Big Bang? Where was all the matter in the universe?

  • Don’t listen to Pan, he just wants to use reason and logic with you. Keep up the good work. Atheists are already up to 1.6% of the U.S. population. Whee!

  • It is nonsensical to discuss a time before time. I don’t know much about what was “before?” time began, if this is even possible to discuss.

  • Atheists and agnostics comprise 12% of adults nationwide. (2004)I’ve seen some recent figures of 15%…we’re getting there!

  • a 2007 study from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press reports that 20% of Americans age 18-25 hold noreligion :o

  • Why don’t you want to answer my questions? Do you pose all these questions and arguements and hope not to get an answer? Why can’t I do the same? I thought free speech works both ways.May I ask what do you mean we’re getting there? What is your vision of the future?Also to the other guy. Reason and logic? I thought that’s what I’m supposed to use? Especially reason. Logic is a human invention. It’s a system.Also I understand that this back and forth through comments may be tedious is it a problem for you?

  • What is your vision of the future?I view my future as a meaningful life filled with reason, success, and fame.For our planet, I hope to see the future free of fundamentalist dogma and ripe with peace.

  • Why does this nutter remind me of William Shatner’s bad acting on Star Track. :O The long pause inbetween, the struggle with thoes big words, the monotonality. That was the give away. He must of done a lot of homework to fool the congragation into thinking he’s intelligent. Christians, in this area in particular, are becoming scarse. Congragations are becoming smaller and smaller. As Anton Levay said in 1969, ‘this is christianities last gasp’, and he was right. There pulling out all the stops, as in this sermin. The surprising thing is the priest had to do his homework and learn some big impressive words.

  • Pan, we do use logic and reason. Our logic and reason deals in fact, yours in fiction. I think you need to pick up a dictionary and learn the difference between the two. Having to deal with an adolescent intelligence like yours is not constructive. Your blogspot has nothing on it, WHY??? Have you nothing to say?? Problems with spelling?? Click my name and come to my blog, I could use a good laugh… ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll admitAthiest does have a future..A VERY boring future.

  • a 2007 study from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press reports that 20% of Americans age 18-25 hold noreligion :o

  • Don’t listen to Pan, he just wants to use reason and logic with you. Keep up the good work. Atheists are already up to 1.6% of the U.S. population. Whee!