9/11 Truthers and Creationists are Strange Bedfellows

In a previous post, I noted the various failures of the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ focusing on commentary from the book How to Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age by Theodore Shick and Lewis Vaughn in addition to an article from a demolition expert who counters the claims made by ‘9/11 truthers.’ While I touched on various logical fallacies and critical thinking errors, I did not focus on the specific strategies of the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ nor did I notice that ‘truthers’ are very similar to creationists. In this post, I will argue that the fallacies of the ‘9/11 truther movement’ are very similar to creationists by point out very specific examples drawn from a local blogger known as “Big Dan” of “Big Dan’s Big Blog” in addition to other websites that include 9/11 conspiracy theories and denial of evolution. Read More

“Paranormal Group ‘Science’ Disputed” Letter to the Editor Published!

I recently submitted a letter to the editor to the local Times Leader newspaper and it was published, with little or no alterations that criticizes ‘paranormal investigation’ and flatly, with no reserve, calls it pseudoscience. While this critique is mainly focused on a local group, NEPA Paranormal, the points made can generally be applied to any paranormal group or claims. This critique, though, is quite limited (less than 250 words), but I get my point across. Read More

Addendum to my Michael Voris Interview

Recently, I wrote an article for Examiner.com based on my interview with Michael Voris whom I briefly met in Wilkes-Barre after he gave a speech. I also got a picture with him. Voris is, hands down, my ‘favorite Catholic’ because he is very entertaining, consistent, and is a great look into what fundamental Christianity is like. In my Examiner.com article, I did not intend to counter Voris’ arguments and only wanted to report. I was also quite limited in text. This blog post will be a refutation of Voris’ arguments. Read More