Overpasses for America anti-immigration rally experience

Today, I attended a rally dubbed Overpasses for America to challenge beliefs of anti-immigration protesters. I offer my recap of the event. Earlier this year, members of a local group — the European American Action Coalition (EAAC) an “organization that advocates on behalf of white Americans” — participated in a rally they called “Anti-illegal Alien […]

Selective action and prayer’s incompatibility with free will

I discuss the incompatibility of prayer with free will and difficulties Christians face in arguing for God’s selective action. Last month, in a piece titled ‘Prayer and the false cause fallacy,’ I argued against common reasoning Christians provide to argue for the efficacy of prayer – that because an event happens following a prayer we can […]

Can we trust reason if God doesn’t exist?

I respond to the assertion that if the Christian god does not exist we cannot trust our own reasoning. C.S. Lewis and other Christian apologists often formulate arguments such that an atheist has no grounds to trust their own reasoning faculties if it is the case that the universe were not designed by the Christian […]

“Turn your mind off” says Joel Osteen

I respond to Joel Osteen’s anti-intellectual encouragement for people to ‘turn their minds off’ and embrace faith. Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen frequently advances a prominent anti-intellectual attitude of neglecting reason, argument, and evidence in favor of faith within a philosophically barren sphere of Christianity. On October 2, Osteen wrote, “Faith is not in your head. Faith is […]