My Skeptical Adventure with Chiropractic – Taking Dr. Dan Golaszewski to Task

I have been following a chiropractor in my area known as Dr. Dan. He has a website, a ‘wellness practice’ (that’s what he calls it) known as “Power Chiropractic,” and a podcast/live show on local radio that is broadcasted world-wide via the internet every Saturday. I follow a great deal of science blogs, podcasts, primarily thanks to James Randi and The […]

Rick Perry’s Divisive Prayer Declaration

Rick Perry, the republican governor of Texas, has recently called for a ‘day of prayer’ at Reliant Stadium in Texas on August 6, 2001 in which everyone, including specifically other United States governors, is invited. This comes on the radar after he has urged his constituents to pray for rain to dowse wildfires, but that didn’t […]