“Paranormal Group ‘Science’ Disputed” Letter to the Editor Published!

I recently submitted a letter to the editor to the local Times Leader newspaper and it was published, with little or no alterations that criticizes ‘paranormal investigation’ and flatly, with no reserve, calls it pseudoscience. While this critique is mainly focused on a local group, NEPA Paranormal, the points made can generally be applied to […]

Disagreement, not Disrespect: Attacking Beliefs, not Persons

During many discussions about ‘hot-button issues,’ no matter what the specific topic is, people often feel that disagreement and scrutiny of arguments is a ‘confrontation’ and people are being attacked. This, I feel, is one of the greatest misconceptions I believe people have had in the many discussions I participated in during the last two […]

My Skeptical Adventure with Chiropractic – Taking Dr. Dan Golaszewski to Task

I have been following a chiropractor in my area known as Dr. Dan. He has a website, a ‘wellness practice’ (that’s what he calls it) known as “Power Chiropractic,” and a podcast/live show on local radio that is broadcasted world-wide via the internet every Saturday. I follow a great deal of science blogs, podcasts, primarily thanks to James Randi and The […]