Appearance on March 18 A-News Podcast

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ScreenHunter_274 Jun. 03 16.05I appeared on the March 18, 2014 episode of the A-News Podcast with Lee Moore, Brian Allen, and Sheila Blackadder to talk about the recent lease agreement the Scranton School District signed with the Diocese of Scranton.

The lease — as mentioned in the podcast — not only funnels taxpayer monies into the Diocese of Scranton, but also prohibits activity contrary to church teaching in the leased building – two very problematic developments.

We also spoke about American Atheists’ president David Silverman’s comments at CPAC, his attendance at CPAC, news concerning Fred Phelps, St. Patrick’s Day, drama in the ‘atheist movement,’ and other topics.

Enjoy this not safe for work podcast. Listen here.

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