Senator Yudichak: Keep Mentions of God out of Government

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Recently, on live television during coverage of the NEPA flooding on WBRE, state senator John Yudichak said “Hopefully the good Lord will protect us” when commenting on the flood damage. I recently authored a letter to the state senator and await a response.

While I am in quite in-line with many of your political views, I am quite disappointed that, on live television on WBRE, you said “Hopefully the good Lord will protect us” when commenting on the flood damage. Citizens voted for you to do your job as a political official, not to make statements which are theological in nature.

While it might be the case that you hold religious beliefs and attend religious services on your own time, I would ask that you, as an elected official, do not make such comments or endorsements in your capacity as an elected official. Many, as you may know, in the 14th district hold various religious beliefs and no religious beliefs. Political officials should, instead of talking about ‘the good Lord,’ represent their constituents with no reference to religious beliefs.

Hopefully, your comment was a mere ‘slip’ and on other more pressing matters, you support a total separation of church and state similar to John F. Kennedy. Separation of church and state is important because, in the eyes of the government, all religious beliefs or lack thereof are viewed as equal; everyone benefits and is treated equally.

I await a response.
Thank you.
Justin Vacula, co-organizer of the NEPA Freethought Society

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