Final design for inoffensive bus ads

(Design change 4/4/12)
Here is the final image [click here for a larger version] for the NEPA Freethought Society’s really, really, really inoffensive atheist bus campaign.
I am now just waiting on word back from the bus company’s board of directors before the ads are created and on buses. Updates will come. Several persons have come forth willing to donate for this ad campaign, but I am still going to wait until everything is good to go until collecting. Thanks for the support thus far.

2/7/12 – Really, Really, Really inoffensive atheist bus ads – some updates

As many of my old and new readers alike may know, I — in conjunction with the NEPA Freethought Society – the group for which I am a co-organizer, spokesperson, board member, and podcast host — have announced plans to launch an original — as far as I am aware — ad campaign in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania that is intentionally really, really, really inoffensive.

Last Monday (1/30/12), I, before announcing the ad campaign online, had contacted Jim Smith — the advertising contact listed on the bus company’s website — on the telephone asking preliminary questions about placing advertisements on buses. Jim Smith asked me what my design would look like, what message it would contain, and if I can send him a preview image via e-mail. I had asked Jim Smith, when I was talking with him on the telephone, if he could wait a moment so that I could e-mail him [I told him I had the file on my computer and would need to boot it and send it]. Jim Smith told me to send the file later in the day/after I hung up and he would respond.
After the discussion with Jim Smith, I announced my plans on my blog, on the NEPA Freethought Society’s website, and Hemant Mehta posted in support of my idea. Several persons approached me [online and in ‘real life’] pledging to donate money, expressed excitement with the idea, and have been very supportive in general.
American Atheists is now, additionally, in support of the idea! [More details to come.]
I’m very much ready to go with this so that this ad proposal can become a reality! …but we just have to wait for confirmation from the bus company.
I got the following message today from Jim Smith:

“Justin I Gave The Ad Info To My Supervisor On Friday –It Is Being Review,
As Soon As I Here Back, I Will E-Mail Or Call You.”