A-News Podcast: Episode 5

I was recently a special guest — along with Bridget Gaudette of Secular Woman — on episode five of the A-News Podcast hosted by Brian Allen and Lee Moore. Go to the A-News website to listen/download.

Discussed was Christian cannibals, Chick-Fil-A, Secular Woman, the Skepchick blog network, my upcoming debate with Dr. Ronda Chervin, recent controversy in the secular community, William Lane Craig, Santa Claus, and more. Enjoy.

Appearance on ApartmentJ podcast

I was an unexpected guest on the July 6th episode of the ApartmentJ podcast with Brian Allen and Reap Paden. Initially, I called Reap for a chat and was unaware of him recording on Brian’s podcast…so I ended up chatting for the podcast.

I start talking around the 22 minute mark concerning the discussion of women in the secular community, sexual harassment at skeptic/atheist conventions, and more.

Around the 56 minute mark — after I discovered that I was on a comedy podcast and the discussion turned — I spoke about one of my favorite documentaries (Zoo). Following was discussion about pornography, sex (those immoral atheists!), hoverboards, beer, an alleged ‘fart cure,’ and ‘do this or die’ scenarios.

Enjoy this not safe for work podcast :)

Answering criticisms of “Women and Secular Community” discussion

Included in my previous blog post (and also embedded above) was a live discussion — “Women and the Secular Community” — I had with Karla Porter. As expected, and was welcomed, various criticisms and general questions followed this discussion. Some of these criticisms and questions were levied during and following the show (thanks to EllenBeth Wachs) while others were sent in e-mails.

Overall, I thought the discussion was very productive. Karla and I engaged various arguments in a very respectful fashion. The chat room — including some people from the dreaded ‘slimepit’ — was even a very respectful exchange throughout. Karla said she and I set the tone for respect in this discussion (read the chat log for yourself)…and that’s what we got. We had callers who agreed with us. We had callers who disagreed. Everything went pretty well. …and we only promoted two days in advance!

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“Women and the Secular Community” Discussion Available

Karla Porter, who previously joined Rodney Collins and I for a discussion of religion and the workplace, joined me for a live episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast via its Livestream channel concerning women and the secular community. We spoke of many different subjects under this topic: discussion of various issues in the atheist blogosphere (particularly Skepchick.org and Freethought Blogs), harassment at conventions, sexism, anti-harassment conference policies, ‘conference culture,’ alleged cyberstalking, and effective strategies to deter and respond to harassment. Also discussed was Paula Kirby’s letter “The Sisterhood of the Oppressed.”

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Stephanie Zvan doesn’t understand cyberstalking

In this post, I will analyze a blog post by popular atheist blogger Stephanie Zvan in which she proposes criterion for what constitutes cyberstalking and asserts that she is being cyberstalked (and abused). I will argue that her definition is most unreasonable, would lead to absurd consequences, and that Zvan — as a blogger on a prominent blog network — should realize that what she constitutes as cyberstalking is par for the course in regards to public figures like her. Further, I will argue that Zvan seems to be minimizing cyberstalking and seems to be speaking from a position of privilege – I will provide examples of abuse and cyberstalking — among other examples — I have received because I am an atheist activist. 

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