A-News Podcast: Episode 5

I was recently a special guest — along with Bridget Gaudette of Secular Woman — on episode five of the A-News Podcast hosted by Brian Allen and Lee Moore. Go to the A-News website to listen/download. Discussed was Christian cannibals, Chick-Fil-A, Secular Woman, the Skepchick blog network, my upcoming debate with Dr. Ronda Chervin, recent […]

Answering criticisms of “Women and Secular Community” discussion

http://youtu.be/fdYxM0AKIUE Included in my previous blog post (and also embedded above) was a live discussion — “Women and the Secular Community” — I had with Karla Porter. As expected, and was welcomed, various criticisms and general questions followed this discussion. Some of these criticisms and questions were levied during and following the show (thanks to […]

“Women and the Secular Community” Discussion Available

http://youtu.be/fdYxM0AKIUE Karla Porter, who previously joined Rodney Collins and I for a discussion of religion and the workplace, joined me for a live episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast via its Livestream channel concerning women and the secular community. We spoke of many different subjects under this topic: discussion of various issues in the […]