Have lunch with Richard Dawkins in Pennsylvania!

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The Secular Coalition for Pennsylvania is hosting a fundraising luncheon concerning issues of church/state separation with none other than Richard Dawkins! A limited amount of tickets for this lunch go on sale tonight and will likely soon be sold out.

Have an exclusive intimate luncheon conversation with Richard Dawkins and donate to the Secular Coalition for Pennsylvania. Purchase your ticket(s) here.

Brian Fields, one of the co-chairs of the Secular Coalition for America’s Pennsylvania chapter, writes,

The lunch will take place at a historic downtown tavern that was a favorite meeting place of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and others of our founding fathers, as well as great thinkers of the enlightenment such as Thomas Paine. Now you too can take a seat at a table with Professor Dawkins in this historic tavern and discuss our proud history of secular government and discuss how we might maintain Jefferson’s “Wall of Separation” in this era of American politics as the Founders might have done so many years ago. 

This will not be an event where the speaker stands apart from the audience. In addition to sharing his experience and ideas on the subject of church/state separation, Professor Dawkins is interested in conversing with participants in order to gain a better understanding of the political landscape in this country and the hurdles we face. The small number of guests attending this lunch will take an active part in this conversation with Professor Dawkins as we sit and break bread together.

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