Where the slyme live (podcast)

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Listen to the discussion here.

I recently participated in a recorded discussion with two fellow Skeptic Ink Writers — Notung and Damion — and Chas Stewart. The topic of discussion was the Slymepit – an infamous forum which is critical of various bloggers, particularly a handful from Freethought Blogs and Skepchick, and figures in the online atheist community.

I originally joined the Slymepit when it was previously hosted on Abbie Smith’s ERV blog because I was disgusted with all of the useless in-fighting, character attacks, and smear campaigns which were launched at prominent members of the atheist/skeptic community. I found many who shared my viewpoints and were similarly disgusted.

The Slymepit has a reputation for being crass; coarse language, satire, and ridicule are tools which various posters implement on a daily basis. A diversity of approaches exists in the Slymepit, though; not everyone is the same and there is really no ‘representative’ of this diverse forum community.

Read Damion’s post introducing the discussion for more information.

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