Philosopher Peter Boghossian: “Faith: A Barrier to Rational Thought” (podcast)

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Peter Boghossian
Boghossian has recently appeared on an episode of The Malcontent’s Gambit podcast discussing faith. Here is the description from the respective website:

This inaugural podcast from The Malcontent’s Gambit discusses the inadequacy of faith and strategies toward living in world without faith with Philosopher Peter Boghossian, who lives in Oregon and teaches at Portland State University. Boghossian has been called the Richard Dawkins of Portland. If we relieve people of their faith, and convince people to be truly honest and humble about what they know, religion will fall, says Boghossian. This is a frank and honest discussion with a bold, outspoken philosopher.

Click here to listen to/download the podcast and visit The Malcontent’s Gambit.
For more of Boghossian, listen to his recent appearance on Philosophy News in which he discusses faith and critical thinking.
Philosopher Peter Boghossian will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast — which will be recorded on May 5 and will be released on a later date — to discuss practical strategies persons can use to combat faith and promote reason and rationality specifically addressing effective strategies to challenge faith-based claims and effectively engaging people of faith. Peter Boghossian will also be discussing critical thinking and faith in prisons.

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