Atheist does not equal ‘bad person’ – Letter to the Editor

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This wonderful letter to the editor was published in today’s Times Leader. Thanks, Erin, for submitting this.

Atheist does not equal ‘bad person’

Religion is one topic on which the people of this world are never going to agree. How the world is today, I find myself standing up for atheists more than I should have to. Before I go further, I would like to point out that my religious views are completely irrelevant in this letter. It does not matter if I am Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or even undecided. My opinion on this topic would remain unchanged.

Some people think that just because a person is an atheist, he or she does not have morals. Just because someone does not believe in a superior being does not mean she is not going to do the right thing.

I know very religious people who refrain from doing the wrong thing only because of their constant fear of going to hell. Isn’t the whole point of morals to do the right thing because you know it is right – and not because you know there will be a reward in the end?

Atheists are not bad people. Don’t get me wrong, some will be. But they aren’t bad because they are atheists.

People need to stop judging others by considering what kind of person they might be based entirely on their beliefs. Instead, judge them on their interests and values.

Erin Foertsch

Wright Township

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