Wilkes University Discussion about Holiday Displays

Constitution Day Announcement [Wilkes University] Come celebrate the U.S. Constitution on Constitution Day, Friday, September 17! Join Dr. Kyle Kreider and local attorney Don Brobst as they discuss “The First Amendment, Religion, and Luzerne County: The Constitutionality of Holiday Displays on Courthouse Grounds.” Mr. Brobst will be speaking about the Establishment Clause and the recent […]

Psychic LTE Published [Times Leader]

I’m not against people who present psychic services with the very clear purpose of entertainment. I’m not against parents who want help to find their children. I’m not against people who seek psychic services and who understand that the services aren’t “real.” What I am against, though, is people who say that they have supernatural […]

Religious Pluralism

When discussing the validity and truth value of various religions and religious claims, some people may affirm the idea that all religions are just ways of looking a one god differently or that one god is behind all religions, so everyone is right. Individual religions, from my experience and reading standard teaching, don’t affirm this […]