Local print media coverage on the bus ad controversy

(design change 4/4/12) I was recently interviewed by a writer for the Scranton Times-Tribune regarding the controversy surrounding the rejection of the “Atheists.” bus ad which were rejected by COLTS. Also included and mentioned in the article are comments from COLTS and Mary Catherine Roper of the ACLU. This is a really good one. http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/atheist-group-challenges-colts-ad-ban-1.1279600#axzz1nmHzMlp2

The atheist/skeptic community speaks about the bus ad controversy

[This post only contains coverage on and before 2/29/12.] At the time of writing this blog post, it is quite clear that the atheist/skeptic community is excited about the proposed upcoming ‘least offensive atheist bus ad ever’ campaign and disappointed because COLTS has refused to run the ad on buses. We’re not giving up, though, […]

Really, really, really inoffensive “Atheists.” bus ad rejected

(Design change 4/4/12) On 1/30/12, I proposed an idea inspired by Richard Wade writing for the Friendly Atheist blog and atheist activist Carl Silverman to run a really, really, really inoffensive bus advertisement. Many atheist advertisement campaigns have been considered ‘offensive’ by religious individuals and some atheists, including myself, have wondered what exactly offended. Was it the mere fact […]