Brave Hero Radio – Dr. Tom Williamson

Dr. Tom Williamson of The Skeptic Canary will join Justin Vacula and Karla Porter to talk about skepticism, ‘alternative medicine,’ his thoughts on in-fighting in the online atheist/skeptic communities, and Wisdom of Chopra – a website which generates “Deepak Chopra style pseudo-profound meaningless quotes.” Tune in live Friday, March 8 at 8PM Eastern! Tune in live for chatroom […]

Brave Hero Radio – Phil Giordana

Phil Giordana — an active commenter in the Slymepit and keyboardist/composer of the French symphonic metal band Fairyland — will join Karla Porter and Justin Vacula for open discussion concerning in-fighting in the online skeptic/atheist communities. A comment Phil recently wrote, contrasting with one PZ Myers wrote, appeared as a standalong post on Michael Nugent’s […]