Public Square Rosary Crusade protest afterthoughts

My protest of today’s Public Square Rosary Crusade¬†went well (see a press release announcing the protest, an interview I had with a newspaper reporter, and more thoughts I offered on the event prior to the protest). A full report will be contained within tonight’s October 12 episode of Brave Hero Radio. Alongside fellow secularists and […]

10/11 Citizens’ Voice interview

I recently spoke with a reporter for The Citizens’ Voice concerning my upcoming protest of the “Public Square Rosary Crusade” in which I and other local secularists will advocate for separation of church and state and rebut religious claims such as the efficacy of prayer. Feel free to comment on the article or share your […]

Planned protest of “Public Square Rosary Crusade”

A group of Catholics in Northeastern Pennsylvania upset with “the secularist advance” is planning and advertising a rally which will take place at the Our Lady of Fatima grotto in Wilkes-Barre on October 12, 2013 at noon. In response to this rally, I am calling on local secularists to join me in protest of this […]

Appearance on Post Rapture Looting podcast

I was recently interviewed for episode 60 of the Post Rapture Looting podcast which is now available for streaming and download! I discussed my recent atheist and church/state activism which includes — but is not limited to — my objection to government-led prayer at Wilkes-Barre City Council meetings, banners (1, 2) I had placed on […]