April 26 Stoicism Discord Chat: Gratitude

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Stop by my Stoic Solutions Podcast Discord server on April 26 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time for a chat on the topic of gratitude. Join others interested in Stoicism for an interactive discussion!

Earlier this month, I launched a personal Discord server for listeners of my newly rebranded Stoic Solutions Podcast and people generally interested in Stoicism. Discord — a free user-friendly mobile app and browser-based chat service — allows for interactive, personal, archived, real-time chat in one place rather than discussion in separate comment threads on social media which may not get immediate attention or many responses.

Going forward, in addition to Discord chat which spontaneously arises, I will schedule specific times during which people can chat live with a higher concentration of guests. Since listeners of my podcast live in different time zones and have varied schedules, I’ll regularly change the time and day of scheduled chats. Stay tuned for notifications on this website and in podcast episodes for times and days.

The first scheduled chat on gratitude — ‘What are you grateful for?’ — will take place on Thursday, April 26 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Personally, I find gratitude as one of the most important themes within Stoic texts and thus is a recurring theme in my podcast episodes. I reflect on what is going well in my life, especially during times of hardship, and work to appreciate that which I have worked hard to obtain. Life doesn’t always go in a direction I would like and I pledge to make due with current circumstances and work to improve and/or make changes where I can. Focusing on positives in our lives allows us to move away from a bias toward the negative. reduce complaining (when paired with acceptance), and boost our self-esteem.

Stop by my Discord server on April 26 by following this link and feel free to visit at other times for spontaneous discussion!

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