Upcoming Podcast with Dr. Darrel Ray

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From the news release on nepafreethought.org:

Upcoming Podcast with Dr. Darrel Ray

Psychologist Dr. Darrel Ray will be appearing on a special episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast titled “Religion, Psychology, and the Secular Therapist Project with Dr. Darrel Ray” to be released this upcoming Wednesday evening, June 6.

In this episode – largely a conversation between Dr. Ray and the podcast’s host Justin Vacula — Dr. Ray spoke mainly about the secular therapist project and related topics such as the potential harm of inserting religion into a therapist/client relationship, the role of science-based/evidence-based information in therapy, problems secular persons face when seeking mental health professionals, and how religious therapists can strive to not include supernatural elements in therapy.

Dr. Darrel Ray is an organizational psychologist, writer, and speaker who is the founder of Recovering From Religion. His four books include two on organizational team issues (Teaming up: making the transition to a self-directed, team-based organization and The performance culture: maximizing the power of teams), The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture, and Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality. Dr. Ray has been a student of religion most of his life and holds a MA degree in religion as well as a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and a doctorate in psychology.

The NEPA Freethought Society is a social, educational, activist, and philosophical coalition of non-believers in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region predicated on support and community.

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