Creationism/Intelligent Design in Science Classes

Recent discussions from a FOX News story regarding the terminology of the Christian creation story as a myth have sparked a great deal of debate in the atheist community herehere, and here.

Fox News doesn’t give the facts and the entire quote in context…the exact usage of the word “myth” in the science textbook is here:

In the 1970s and 1980s, antievolutionists in Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana passed identical bills calling for “equal time” for teaching evolution and creationism, the biblical myth that the universe was created by the Judeo-Christian god in six days. But a court ruled that the “equal-time” bill was unconstitutional on the grounds that it violated the separation of church and state. Read More

Religious Pluralism

When discussing the validity and truth value of various religions and religious claims, some people may affirm the idea that all religions are just ways of looking a one god differently or that one god is behind all religions, so everyone is right. Individual religions, from my experience and reading standard teaching, don’t affirm this idea but believe with a very high level of certainty that their holy books and teachings are correct. Preachers don’t approach pulpits saying, “Weighing all of the available information that we have learned, we’re quite sure that God exists, but we may be wrong. People of other religions may also be right and we could be totally incorrect, but I want you to continue going to our church because our way of looking at God is valid…but everyone else may also be correct.” To say that all religions are correct seems to be very evasive and intellectually dishonest. Possibly even saying that one is correct may also be very problematic, especially if there isn’t very good reason and evidence to establish truth value of the claim. Read More

Hate Mail Montage from December!

During December of 2009, I filed a complaint concerning an unconstitutional religious display at the Luzerne County Courthouse – this letter was sent.
The nativity scene and menorah were taken down along with the snowman behind the tree as evidenced in this press release. Because of this, I received a great deal of hate from many residents of Luzerne County.
If you’d like to read all of the media coverage and associated stories, feel free to browse through December 2009 of my blog.
This isn’t everything negative, but it is a great deal of it.
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