Pharrell Williams is un’happy’ about atheists

Singer Pharrell Williams has recently made several uninformed comments about atheists and demonstrated a lack of intellectual rigor in basic philosophical argumentation. Pharrell Williams, perhaps most famously tied to his hit song ‘Happy,’ has spoken with a UK magazine about atheists, his supernatural beliefs, and more topics. The Christian Post particularly¬†reports on Williams’ statements on […]

Justin Vacula speaks atheism to Marywood students

I was recently invited to record a speech concerning atheism for Intro to Religion students attending Marywood University. Here is the video and rough transcript of that speech. I would have attended in person, but was unable to do so due to the early time of the classes and my work schedule. Students can still […]

Bob Durgin on FFRF banner: “Strong element of hate”

Bob Durgin — talk show host on Harrisburg’s WHP 580 — recently shared his thoughts concerning the Freedom From Religion’s “let reason prevail” banner which was erected on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre, PA. While discussing the banner and atheist groups who advertise messages during the holiday season, he noted that there is a “strong element […]

Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes podcast appearance

I was invited to appear on episode two of the new “Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes” podcast with @reneehendricks, @woolybumblebee, and @jeh74 (‘Outwest’) to discuss secular/atheist activism and current controversy in the atheist/skeptic communities. How can people get involved in secular/atheist activism? How can people who shy away from controversy contribute? What sort of pushback […]

William Lane Craig: Some atheists suppress and deny their belief in God

Image for Craig’s newest podcast episode I published a new article for titled “William Lane Craig: Some atheists suppress and deny their belief in God.” Read the first paragraph below. Click the above link for the full article. In the newest episode of the Reasonable Faith Podcast titled “Does Reason Lead to Atheism or […]