Dan Golasczweski to appear at Fitness For Faith fundraiser

ScreenHunter_322 Jan. 30 14.38The upcoming Fitness For Faith fundraiser to be held at Wilkes University will include chiropractor Dan Golasczewski who promotes anti-vaccine sentiments and spinal adjustments for infants.

In 2011, I wrote in-depth criticism about local chiropractor Dan Golasczweski — owner of Power Chiropractic (now Power Chiropractic Health Center LLC) in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and published an interview I had with clinical neurologist Dr. Steve Novella who commented on Golasczweski’s claims about vertebral subluxations calling them “part of a pre-scientific superstitious belief system that has long ago been eclipsed by understanding of anatomy and physiology.” Novella also rebutted Golasczweski’s claims about “toxic medications” and alleged dangers of vaccines.

Following my criticism of statements Golasczweski made on his WILK Newsradio weekly program ‘Maximize Your Health,’ information distributed at his business, and content provided on his website,  his significant other (now wife) Maria Favichia threatened me with legal action suggesting I was authoring “slanderous posts” about Golasczweski. She wrote, in an e-mail I received, “If the slanderous posts do not stop; He will be taking legal action.”

Since 2011, Golasczweski slightly rebranded his business removing the tagline ‘Aligning spines and lifestyles with God’s ultimate intentions’ from his storefront – a diversion from his [old] informed consent paper which read that his, “only practice objective is to eliminate a major interference to the expression of the body’s God-given, innate wisdom” and that his “only method is the specific adjustment of vertebral subluxation.”

Favichia-Golaszewski - Photo: The Citizen's Voice - http://citizensvoice.com/arts-living/people/engagements/favichia-golaszewski-1.1248316
Favichia-Golaszewski – Photo: The Citizen’s Voice – http://citizensvoice.com/arts-living/people/engagements/favichia-golaszewski-1.1248316

Golasczweski, in his welcome video — no longer shown on the front page of his website, but still available on Vimeo — says his “mission is to set you free from whatever health struggle you may be dealing with” and that he wants to help you “gain victory over any health condition you may be suffering from including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and even weight loss.” As is usually the case with practitioners of so-called ‘alternative medicine,’ claims too good to be true are offered with no scientific backing whatsoever.

Perhaps the most alarming change to the front page of Golasczweski’s website is an image of an infant which says, “95% of infants have misalignments after birth,” seemingly encouraging people to bring their infants to Golaczweski’s business to have spinal adjustments. Throughout his website are messages “Chiropractic for all ages” and “chiropractic care for ALL AGES including children.” As one ought to expect, claims of chiropractic adjustments for newborns whose bodies are delicate and newly developing are specious and dangerous.

Golasczweski will soon be participating in an upcoming fundraiser dubbed ‘Fitness For Faith’ to be held at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA. This fundraiser, charging a hefty $21.99 for admittance through its corresponding Eventbrite site, will benefit the local National Day of Prayer Committee who organizes the annual Circle the Square With Prayer National Day of Prayer event on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre.

It’s unclear if Golasczweski will be distributing literature spreading messages encouraging people to abstain from vaccines, flu shots, or medications, but the event page says that presenters (presumably including Golasczweski) will be hosting informational tables.

2015 Circle the Square with Prayer banner image - http://www.circlethesquarewithprayer.com/
2015 Circle the Square with Prayer banner image – http://www.circlethesquarewithprayer.com/

Hopefully the National Day of Prayer Committee will disassociate itself with Dan Golasczweski and his harmful, pseudoscientific messages – especially in light of recent measles outbreaks — including one in Disneyland — almost certainly because of anti-vaccine messages like those put forth by Golasczweski.

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Skeptic blogger responds to chiropractor’s threats to sue (podcast)

I was recently interviewed by Kenny Luck from The Luck Report to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the legal threats I received from a chiropractor’s finacee’ because of my blogging.
Listen here.
From Kenny Luck’s podcast description:

First it’s slander, but really, if it’s written, it’s libel. But when there is nothing libelous about a post, then it’s harassment. This is the string of legal reasoning chiropractor Dr. Dan Golaszewski’s fiancée, who for some reason is acting as his PR representative, exhibited toward a blogger who criticized chiropractic.

Afterthoughts on the “Dr. Dan debacle”

Welome Message From DrDan from Dr. Dan Golaszewski on Vimeo.

Chiropractor Dan Golaszwski’s welcome message in which he claims that he has information which can “gain victory over any health condition” including “cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, back pain, sciatica, fibromyaligia, and even weight loss”

My readers, persons on r/skeptic, and readers of Pharyngula have learned that sending legal threats to bloggers does not quell criticism or intimidate bloggers, but rather serves to create more criticism of the person who was initially criticized, illuminates a problem, and makes persons who send baseless legal threats instead of responding to criticism look really, really, really bad. Read More

Chiropractor’s fiancee’ threatens me with legal action – Another e-mail

People who claim I am harassing them when I am not harassing them make me a very sad panda.

After my previous post– Chiropractor’s fiancee’ threatens me with legal action — was released, I sent the post to the person threatening legal action. If you didn’t read it, please read it before continuing because this post won’t make sense.

Here is the newest e-mail:

My issue is not about your freedom of speech. You can write whatever you wish to write about; that of course is your right as an American. The issue I have is you throwing it in our face and repeatedly attempting to make contact. Write whatever you wish. Posting a link directly onto his Facebook, e-mailing him,friend requesting him, calling into his radio show after you’ve been repeatedly ignored is harassment. We wish to have nothing to do with you. Write whatever you’d like to write, but please do not attempt to make contact . We ignored you initially hoping you would get the hint. There will be no debate. Your free to write whatever it is you would like to express; but please do not attempt to make contact. He nor I wish to engage in further conversation with you. Read More

Chiropractor’s fiancee’ threatens me with legal action

For those of you who do not know me, I am a skeptical blogger who has been writing since August of 2009. I mainly focus on topics, as my blog header indicates, dealing with atheism, theism, and philosophy.

This year, I’ve started writing about the claims a local chiropractor named Dr. Dan Golaszewski makes because I follow many science blogs and noted that Dr. Dan is injecting theological claims into his practice. My first post on Dr. Dan was on June 16 followed by an Examiner.com article on December 10 [with comments from Dr. Steve Novella] and most recently on December 13.

As is typically the case on my blog, my intention was to examine his claims and see if they had any merit (as I did). I did not, in any way, misrepresent his position or pull claims out of the sky, but rather took information from his radio show, his website, and from literature in his office. Despite this, the chiropracter’s fiancee’ sent me an e-mail last night at 8:08 PM:

The reason I am e-mailing you is to request that you leave Dan and his practice alone. He will not be engaging in any debate or discussion with you, Kenny Luck, or affiliates. Your requests for answers aren’t stemming from a genuine interest in Chiropractic, wellness, or healthcare; But rather a place of wanting to disprove. You seem like a very intelligent man and I respect you and your views. Please respect his. Dan is not forcing care or his beliefs on anyone. If a patient or potential patient does not agree with chiropractic; they leave, it’s very simple. If the slanderous posts do not stop; He will be taking legal action. Many thanks for your understanding. Read More