Stoic Philosophy: Free Will

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My Stoic Philosophy video series explores the philosophical tradition of Stoicism with goals to inform, empower, and help others benefit from the practical wisdom of Ancient Greek, Roman, and modern thinkers. I tackle many topics including handling adversity, finding meaning in life, working toward contentment, dealing with change, anger, and gratitude.

In this video, I revisit notes from a recent Stoic Philosophy discussion group concerning free will I hosted with the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia in Willow Grove, PA. I talk about individual issues within the umbrella of free will in reference to passages from Stoic writings exploring what may be outside of our control and inside our control; habits and changing habits; means to attain goals; and the possibility of changing thoughts and behaviors to better live; and much more.

Stoic Free Will Presentation Notes by Justin Vacula on Scribd

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I will be hosting a Stoic Philosophy discussion group on the topic of friendship on May 21, 2017. More details are here.

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