Upcoming speech for Intro to Religion students

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"Man Objects To Prayers Before City Council Meetings" c/o WNEP TV-16
“Man Objects To Prayers Before City Council Meetings” c/o WNEP TV-16

I will soon be speaking to students enrolled in Intro to Religion courses at a local Catholic university — Marywood University — which I also happen to attend.

Rather than appearing before multiple classes in-person, I will upload a 30-minute recording with a corresponding transcript on justinvacula.com which will allow for students to ask me questions, leave feedback, challenge some of my ideas, and interact with me well beyond the constraints of a class session.

In the allotted time, I will speak about my religious background, my shift to atheism, explain why my identity as an atheist is important, address common misconceptions people have about atheists, and talk about the problem of natural suffering. This diverse array of topics should be a good introductory lecture for students.

I look forward to producing this video and interacting with students. Stay tuned for more updates.

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