BHR: Dr. David Kyle Johnson talks Christmas

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Dr. David Kyle Johnson poses with St. Nicholas
Dr. David Kyle Johnson poses with St. Nicholas

A special skeptical seasonal solstice show of Brave Hero Radio (BHR) has been added to the show’s schedule. The December 14, 2013 episode will feature Christmas expert Dr. David Kyle Johnson and be about, you guessed it, Christmas!

Read the show’s description below and be there to listen live so that Dr. Johnson can answer your questions (and so you don’t get sent to Hell by Krampus). Who is Krampus, you say? Tune in and find out!

Dr. David Kyle Johnson talks Christmas

Dr. David Kyle Johnson – Assistant Professor of Philosophy and author of the forthcoming book The Myths that Stole Christmas —  joins Karla Porter and Justin Vacula Saturday, December 14 at 8PM Eastern.

We shall explore the history of Christmas, question whether there is a war on Christmas, and discuss how we should – if at all – celebrate Christmas? Is it ethical to teach your children about a literal Santa Claus and tell them they are being watched at all times and rewarded with gifts (or not) according to their behavior?

As always, callers, no matter their viewpoints, are welcome to join the discussion. Call the number on your screen, 718-766-4598, or click the Skype-to-call button on the show’s page when the show goes live to join the caller queue.

Listen live, join the live chat, and use the same link following the live broadcast to stream and/or download the archived show.

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