Empowering Women Through Secularism schedule update

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scheduleewtsThe schedule for the Empowering Women Through Secularism conference has been updated. The schedule follows. Changes, items different from the conference website, are bolded. Note time changes, chairs of panels, and introductions.

Saturday 29th of June

9.30am-10.15am – Introduction
Jane Donnely introduces conference
Jane introduces Annie Laurie Gaylor

10.15am-11.30am  Session 1 – Reproductive rights and Irish abortion law
Chaired by Jane Donnely
Ophelia Benson, Clare Daly, Anthea McTiernan, Ailbhe Smyth, Ross Kelly

11.45am-1 pm – Session 2 – Secular Values in Society
Chaired by Maureen Meleady
Leonie Hilliard, Nina Sankari, Farhana Shakir, PZ Myers

2.15pm-3.30pm – Session 3 – Separation of Church and State
Chaired by Helen O’Shea
Ann Brusseel, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Elida Radig, Michael Nugent

3.45pm-5.00pm – Session 4 – Human Rights
Chaired by Astrid Malachewitz
Jane Donnelly, Maryam Namazie, [blank], Dan Barker

5.15pm-6.00pm – Keynote Speaker – Taslima Nasrin

Sunday 30th of June

10.15am-11.30am – Session 5 – Politics and Campaigning
Chaired by Ciara Lynch
Rachel Donnelly, Sinead Kennedy, Maryam Namazie, Ann Marie Waters, Carlos Diaz

11.45am-1pm – Session 6 – Finalising the Declaration
Chaired by Michael Nugent
Panelists representing outcomes of each of sessions 1-5

2.15pm-3.30pm – Session 7 – Review of Conference and What Next
Chaired by Catherine O’Brien
Panelists include Kate Smurthwaite

3.30pm – 4.15pm – Closing speeches
Chaired by Jane Donnely

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