Syndicated News Services reports on my objection to city council prayer

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"Man Objects To Prayers Before City Council Meetings" c/o WNEP TV-16
“Man Objects To Prayers Before City Council Meetings” c/o WNEP TV-16

Al Stefanelli, writing for Syndicated News Services, wrote about my objection to government-led prayer during Wilkes-Barre City Council meetings within an article titled “Atheist activist objects to prayers before City Council meetings.”

Stefanelli’s reporting includes prior reporting from WNEP-TV 16 and highlights some of my recent activism in the Wilkes-Barre area including — with the help of the Freedom From Religion Foundation — placing two freethought banners on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre (one in 2012 and another in 2013). Stefanelli also mentions my attempt to place bus advertisements reading “Atheists.” on Lackawanna County buses.

For more information, read recent pieces on this website included in the ‘council prayer‘ category. Watch my address to council below:

Listen to my interview on local newsradio station WILK Newsradio:

I will continue to report on this matter and will be appearing at Wilkes-Barre City Council meetings in the month of July to see if council had ceased prayer. I also plan to address council once again during the July 11, 2013 meeting which allows for public comment.

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