April 19 – Live appearance on David Madeira show

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David Madeira, host of the David Madeira show

Last week, I authored a piece — inspired by a research paper I had written for my graduate-level Human Development class — expressing skepticism of the ‘gender pay gap’ and an associated proclamation from President Obama which declares April 9 as “Equal Pay Day.” The piece inspired some interesting discussion with more than 35 comments from page visitors. Most interestingly, my piece drew the attention of a Pennsylvania-based conservative talkradio personality who shared my piece on Twitter.

David Madeira of 94.3FM The Talker (also streaming online) invited me to appear on his Friday, April 19 show at 6:20AM Eastern Time to discuss my recent piece. I accepted the invitation and am looking forward to appearing on David’s live show.

This will be an interesting discussion especially considering I had protested a “Stand for Religious Freedom Rally” David had spoken at in 2012 and because David and I represent diametrically opposing political views – especially considering social issues. David, too, represents a conservative religious perspective while I advocate for an atheistic secular perspective from what mostly is a left-leaning libertarian perspective on social issues.

Regardless, I am sure we share some common ground and I am more than happy to talk with people who disagree with me. Rather than shutting down discussion and vilifying people who represent opposing viewpoints, I welcome people to express their disagreements and I value such engagements. Intellectual openness ought to be the hallmark of a person who is interested in the pursuit of truth. Hopefully David and his listeners, too, will embody with spirit of my favorite Bible verse — 1 Peter 3:15 — which encourages people to defend their beliefs with gentleness and respect. Perhaps if this discussion goes well, we can talk about religion and more issues pertaining to gender in future episodes.

Listen live to David’s Friday show or, if you miss the live broadcast, check back for the archived show which will be re-posted here. I look forward to chatting with David and his listeners about my Skeptic Ink Network piece!

Visit David’s website where you can click to listen to the live stream Friday morning at 6:20AM Eastern time.

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