Free speech or intellectual honesty?

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As some of my readers — and/or my Youtube subscribers — may have noticed, I have recently been uploading many videos my Youtube account. Don’t worry, though! I will continue to frequently write here. After all, I have been actively authoring posts concerning controversy surrounding the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s holiday freethought banner which I had placed in Wilkes-Barre.

Earlier today, I uploaded a Youtube video titled “Free speech or intellectual honesty” (see below) in which I discuss the benefits of an open marketplace of ideas, light comment moderation, and engaging with detractors.

Some speak of high moderation of comments as a free speech issue, but I don’t believe it is. I believe the issue in contention is intellectual honesty. Rather than engaging in high moderation and assuming bad faith concerning commenters, skeptics should allow for an open atmosphere so that many can benefit and engage in discussion.


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