Pastor Dan Nichols offers his thoughts

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Last week, in a post titled, “Lunch with Pastor Dan Nichols and reflections,” I shared my thoughts concerning a recent lunch I had with a pastor who wanted to apologize on behalf of the Christian community following the vandalism of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “let reason prevail” holiday freethought banner which was placed on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre with city approval.

Today, Pastor Dan authored a Facebook note titled “A Pastor and Two Atheists Walk into a Bar…and Grill.” Within the note, he says he learned three things — atheists have great questions, atheists need to vent, and that atheists are moral people — Christians should consider.

Pastor Dan would like to continue to chat (and I have invited him to be on an episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast). He writes, “I plan to continue building a friendship with Rodney and Justin. They are two guys who are willing to come to the table and have a good conversation.”

Ending his note, Pastor Dan writes,

We obviously do not share the same presuppositions; our faiths are different. Their faith (or trust) lies in their own reasoning, and as I told them at lunch: I don’t believe that I can trust my own reasoning as much as they do. I’m sold on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and I trust him more than I trust myself.

I hope there will be an interesting discussion about epistemology in the future!

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